4th Generation Wireless Technology Model of prospect Mobile Communications techniques

4G (Fourth Generation) Mobile Communications is still in development but many countries have previously initiated entrusted themselves to its performance. India has assumed that it would leapfrog from 2G to 4G evading the 3G Technology. WiMax Technology is on its preceding legs because it does not hold up VoIP. Data transfers will take place at LAN Speeds of 100Mbps. The earth is looking up to 4G for revolution of the way people do everyday business. Once the technology develops, the hand phone used in 4G mobile communications would be an advanced device for utilize in education, arts and science, business activities outside the office, network games and music/video content downloading, Visual Communication, merchandise buy and resolution, and day to day life.

4th generation wireless technology

Navigation System Users will be capable to achieve access the following information services from inside moving vehicles. The information will be given sufficiently depending on time, location and properties of consumer. Users may also be able to obtain discounts at shops by giving the information recovered through the above. - Location information service (locating service, route guide, traffic information, etc.) - Vehicle information service (automobile information, vehicle tune-up information, etc). - Entertainment service (radio, TV programs, etc). - Control service (vehicle control if earthquake, accident, etc). - Emergency service (accident, sudden illness, etc). - Logistics service (parcel delivery, etc).

Mobile Ordering Enables very easy buying of products or obtainment of information basically by holding a mobile terminal at the printed materials (magazines, brochures, posters, etc.) or images. Information regarding the product (video, CM, specifications) will be involuntarily distributed to the mobile terminal from the product centre, and exhibited in 3D images, which can be scrutiny from several angles. Users, if they akin to, can order the product on the same moment, also they can make the payment and clear up the accounts from a mobile terminal.Sales status in the areas close by, and other associated information on the product could also be received. The utilization of retinal verification makes it likely to buy high-priced products without any security concerns.

From the point of view of the prospective providers of resolution service, the consistency and price of authentication hold the key for the settlement of buying made at shops through mobile terminals, and ordering service related with leaflets and posters in the roads. When it is evaluated with credit card payments at shops or shopping from PCs/TV, the buying to be done from mobile terminals are likely to be lesser in amount but more recurrent.It is thus essential for the providers of completion services that the confirmation of the terminal and the users themselves, which have to be organized for all times a purchase is done exactly, can be recognized at a low price equal with the low unit buy amount.