E Home Controlling System

Our great controls now fetch the great expediency, lavishness and safety measures of smart home technology to the Apple and Android phones and tablets by now well-known to millions of customers. A very leading and most triumphant Wi-Fi-based podium, On Controls leverages the effectiveness of the cloud, allowing integrators to bring more associated home specifications and better service to their customers. From a single room to the major residential or commercial applications, On Controls enables integrators to initialize, improve, troubleshoot and add new features to a client’s project by means of our web portal from everywhere in the world. On Controls is an easy, reliable, strong, and reboot free system that will make things easier your life as:

e home control

The e-Home CONTROLS Voice Control Interface always enables you to control your e-Home CONTROLS System by merely speaking to it.
The e-Home CONTROLS Voice Control Interface enables you to issue voice instructions to control devices on your e-Home CONTROLS System. The inventory of commands (phrases) you can matter can be modified towards your natural way of interpolation. For example, if you would generally say “Switch on” as contrasting to saying “Turn on” when referring to a light then this can easily be changed. Voice Control is a good option for when operating a remote control or switch is not simple or likely - for example, in a bathroom, you could control the lighting while taking a shower. Then when it’s time to overcome you easily say the Voice Control to set the light back to high once more. This system can also be utilized to assist people who have provisional movements or disabilities. The e-Home CONTROLS Voice Control Interface enables total hands free process of your e-Home CONTROLS system.