Face to Face audio video conference with organizing meeting with different apps

An Audio video conference is a great and advanced communication medium that enables us to hold meetings with a crowd of people situated in places far separately. To execute video conferencing we have to have a standard level of webcam, broadband Internet connection, and a PC or laptop with a well-conditioned configuration.
Further than video, audio and text chat, the Video conferencing devices often put together some extra features such as the knack to transmit files and record audio /video. These devices can differ significantly, but typically depends more than two factors: the quality of your webcam, and speed/bandwidth of your Internet connection.

Below we will provide few services or tools through which you can execute video conference:


Skype is one of the audio and video conferencing systems you can make use to have video calls one by any person. You can even, chat in text style (also in group mode), audio/video calls, file transfer and lots more. The video calls are restricted to two people, but there are several third-party software that allows you include more people, and also record their conference sessions.Free for use.

Mega Meeting:

Mega Meeting, video conferencing softwarethat is actually based on a browser. No download necessary, all you require is an Internet browser, a broadband Internet connection and a web camera or digital video camera. You can compose video conference Up to 16 people at a time, and a limitless number of added attendees can connect the Video conference.


ooVoo is a web conferencing software offered for Windows and Mac. As you done the fast registration, you can easily able to communicate with people throughout text chat, audio/ video conferencing (up to 12) and also record video messages. You can also divide up up to 20 files at a time with few contacts any point of time, up to 25 MB every file. You can download it from its official website and use freely.

Adobe Connect:

Adobe Connect Now is element of the new Acrobat.com of online collaboration tools. This facilitates you to make online meetings you can have video conversations and VoIP, message board, share files, chat and also you can share your screen. At any time you can change the role of a person and move the activity pods at will during meetings. The service is free as the rest of the group, after sign in.


Wengomeeting is a video conferencing service that enables you to organize meetings without any software to download. Just you need to sign up, add the email of your colleagues and mechanically make web conferencing room. A conference can hold just around 5 users. Free for use.

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